Are you pressed for cash? If you have run into a financial problem, selling your scrap car can put some money in your pocket. Auto wreckers near you might offer you cash for your inoperable vehicle; they then get their money back by stripping the useable parts for resale. But how can you get the highest cash price offer possible for the vehicle?

Here are some tips to help you get the best offers for your practically unusable car.

Take Stock of the Good Parts

Asking your mechanic to have a look at your car before you sell it is a great way to know the condition of the vehicle and also to know about the potentially good parts. Sure, the engine may be damaged beyond repair, but that doesn't necessarily mean that everything else can't be reused. 

If you have valuable parts in your car, such as a functioning battery or stereo system, you may make more money by removing and selling them separately.

Research Pricing of the Good Parts

Once you have identified all the useable parts in your vehicle, conduct online research to find out the price range for each part in the local used car parts market. This will help you have an accurate estimate of the lowest cash offer you should receive for your scrap car. As a good rule of thumb, your car shouldn't cost less than the total market value of all the good parts.

Get Quotes From Several Car Wreckers 

If you want to make the most money from the sale of your unwanted car, it is a good idea to get and compare quotes from a few car wreckers that serve clients in your area. Make sure you give them an accurate description of your vehicle so they can make you the best cash offer possible. It is important to know what each car wrecker looks at in determining the scrap value of the vehicle. 

Choose the wrecker that leaves you with the most cash after your vehicle has been delivered to them. For example, wrecker A may offer a higher cash price than wrecker B, but the former expects you to deliver the vehicle to them while the latter agrees to pick up the vehicle themselves. If wrecker B leaves you with more money, choose them.

Selling a scrap car for more money may take some time, but it can be worth it. The above tips should help you get the best price for your unwanted vehicle. Contact a company that offers cash for cars to learn more.