Wrecking yards are one of the best places to find used parts for your vehicle. You could not only find cheap auto parts but also get ones that match the exact model of your car. Additionally, you can also find OEM parts from old vehicles sold to the wreckers. However, the greatest challenge of wrecking yards is they have both poor and high-quality parts. How do you scavenge the place and find the best ones for your car? Here are a few tips to guide you!

Know What to Take and What to Leave

One problem most people face when visiting wrecking yards is knowing what to take and what to leave. Not every used vehicle part is suitable for buying. In fact, some parts are best bought new if you want value for your money. For instance, components such as side mirrors, seats, windscreens, interior materials, body parts and engine parts are salvageable. However, others like braking system parts, exhaust, tyres or batteries are not worth buying.

If a car has its tires intact, there's a chance they are already worn and in extremely poor condition. This applies to brake pads and batteries as well. Before salvaging these parts, inspect and test them if possible. In most cases, buying them will only cost you more in repairs in the long run.

Learn How to Look for Wear and Tear

Most vehicles in a wrecking yard have undergone some form of wear and tear. Your job is to find the parts that are not badly worn and can be used in your vehicle. This is what differentiates between salvageable and unsalvageable parts. As you check for wear, look for the following:

  • Rust, corrosion and other forms of surface wear on metal parts
  • Cracks and chips which would make the item unusable
  • Abrasive wear on moving parts such a gears
  • Adhesive wear on bonded materials

Some forms of wear are reversible. For example, two pieces that should be bonded together are easily fixable through repairs, and surface rust is manageable through blasting techniques. However, deep corrosion, extensive cracks and excessive abrasive wear may not be fixable. Therefore, avoid parts with irreversible wear and tear.

Check the Yard's Online Inventory

If the wrecking yard you're visiting has a website, consider checking their online inventories first. Most of these companies put up the best and latest parts on the site. Therefore, going through the list can help you to quickly identify the parts you need, and then you can visit the yard for inspection and purchase. Since most companies put up high-quality parts on their website, this should be your first stop. Doing so will not only get you a good deal but also speed up the process.

Buying quality parts in a wrecking yard will save you from numerous car repairs in the future. Have these tips in mind as you plan for the hunt!

To learn more about buying auto parts, contact a wrecking yard near you.