Do you have an unused vehicle sitting on your property? Perhaps you purchased it many years with the intention of fixing it but never found the time. Maybe you simply bought a new car and wanted to keep the old car as a spare but now don't use it. Whatever your reasons were for owning an unused car, it's time to think about disposing of it. An old car slowly rusting away outside your home is not attractive, and the sight will only get worse as the car falls apart.

What are your options?

When you want to dispose of an unused car, then what can you do? You could advertise it as a car for sale, but if it isn't in working condition, you may not get much interest from potential buyers. You could call a towing company to take away your car and dispose of it, but they will charge you to do that. The third and most practical option is calling an auto wrecker. Here are three advantages that you can enjoy when you call an auto wrecker to clear an old car from your driveway.

You can earn cash for scrap

Instead of paying someone to take away your scrap car, when you call an auto wrecker, they will pay you for the privilege of removing the scrap car. You can enjoy a fast, hassle-free removal of your scrap car, and you can get paid for it.   

You can arrange for collection quickly

When you speak to an auto wrecker, they will be happy to call at your home at your convenience. You can speak to them on the phone or perhaps fill in a form on their website, then all you need to do is wait. They will come to your home and make you a cash offer for your vehicle. If you aren't happy with the amount of cash they offer, you are free to send them away and look elsewhere. There is no obligation on you to accept the value quoted.

You are encouraging responsible disposal

When an auto wrecker takes away your unused vehicle, they don't simply tip it into a landfill site. An auto wrecker will carefully go through the vehicle and salvage as many parts as possible for resale. This could include panels of bodywork, car seats, parts from the engine and anything else that can be reused. These parts will all be cleaned up and sold to car owners so you can be confident that parts of your old car will have a long and productive life for many more years.