If you have a wrecked car in your garage and are planning to dispose of it, then taking it to an auto wrecker is probably the best option. Auto wreckers buy all manner of cars, from old, grounded vehicles, to wrecked drivable cars. The best part is that you get money in exchange, and the amount you get depends on various factors. This article highlights the elements to help you gauge how much you can get for your car.

The Drivability of Your Car

Is your car drivable? This is one of the first things auto wreckers look at before they buy your vehicle for spare parts. The reason is that a functioning car has functional components. For example, if your vehicle is drivable, then it sends a clear message to the auto wrecker that the transmission and the engine are in good working condition. However, this might not be conclusive because the service provider has to inspect the car before making a conclusion. If your vehicle is not drivable, an auto wrecker has to come for it at your place, and that can affect the amount you get for the car. Second, the fact that your vehicle is not drivable means that critical parts are not in working condition; therefore, the spare parts will not attract the same amount of money as a drivable car.

Recyclability of Parts

As mentioned earlier, auto wreckers buy cars from all customer. Therefore, before you approach an auto wrecker to sell your car for spare parts, you need to find out whether the components are recyclable. For example, some older cars are equipped with mercury or lead switches that are not recyclable and, in most cases, end up in landfills. While most vehicles can be recycled, it is not the same with older cars because the auto wrecker has to sign off on whether the parts on your vehicle are recyclable or not. The more recyclable wrecker parts there are in your car, the more money you are likely to get.

Sell Aftermarket Parts Separately 

If you think an auto wrecker is going to pay you more money just because of the customisations on the car, then you are wrong. Most, if not all, wreckers will only buy the vehicle as-is, and that means the service providers use the condition of the car as a guide. Therefore, rather than lose cash on aftermarket parts, you stand a better chance of getting more money from an auto wrecker by selling the parts separately. This way, you get cash for your car as well as for the wrecker parts, which can be sold later at a profit.